Financial Advisory Services

Whenever there is a transaction involving an acquisition of or investment in a company, it is vitally important that the acquiring party gains a proper understanding of the financial aspects of the company. At Mazars, we help you in the transaction process, to gain a good understanding of the situation, at the right time.

Problems you are facing

  • You need a more informed view of the risk areas,
  • You are expecting actual facts,
  • You lack experiences in dealing and complying  with local tax authority,
  • In your opinion the acquisition process is a platform to begin planning for the future,
  • You need an objective ‘outsider’s’ view of what is being proposed.

Our offer: "Financial and Tax due diligence"

It is vitally important that the procedures to be undertaken are thoroughly planned and agreed by all parties. The investor will want certain aspects covering, and the Financial Due Diligence provider will use his experience to suggest other important aspects. Set out below are some of the more usual elements of a Financial Due Diligence assignment;

  • Executive Summary: A concise summary of the contents of the report and the principal findings of our investigation including a view on sustainable EBITDA and presenting key sensitivities
  • Organisational structure and employees: To summarise details of the management structure and workforce highlighting strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Historical trading results: To explain and comment on the significant factors behind the reported trading results for recent years and any exceptional or non-recurring items which have had a material impact.
  • Balance sheets and net working capital: To explain and comment on the assets and liabilities of the business and to understand the net working capital requirements of the business
  • Cash flows: To summarise recent cash flow patterns and the significant factors affecting cash flow.
  • Financial projections: To comment on management’s trading and cash flow projections, giving you our opinion on key underlying assumptions and those of higher risk. This typically includes reviewing latest sales data
  • Accounting policies and audit issues: To consider the acceptability of key accounting policies and practices, including a review of the audit working papers
  • Tax Due diligence: To provide you with a summary of the tax affairs of the business, to include;
    • A review of CIT, PIT, VAT, and Withholding tax issues,
    • A review of the tax implications of the transaction,
    • A review of all tax provision balances.
  • Other: Review of auditors files, summary of terms of key contracts 

Why us? Our key advantages

A Financial Due Diligence is a wide ranging and in depth assignment requiring specialist input in a number of areas. A huge amount of data will be reviewed as part of the process.  It is crucial to you therefore, that our report to you has a number of key characteristics. Mazars reporting is designed with these characteristics in mind.  We always have you, the reader, in mind when we write.

By using Mazars you are getting the benefit of an integrated Transaction Services team, based in Vietnam, but also part of a wider Asia Pacific Transaction Services division. Whether your transaction is big or small, ‘cross border’, complex or simple, the Mazars team are here to help and make your transaction proceed as smoothly as possible, with advice, support and opinion.

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